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Board of the Acoustical Society of Finland

The Acoustical Society of Finland ties together acousticians and other people from various fields interested in acoustics. The association was founded in 1943 and it’s main purpose is to support research and education in acoustics as well as publishing and maintaining acoustic terminology in the Finnish language. The present number of members is about 220 registered persons and about 20 supporting companies.

The Acoustical Society of Finland co-operates with various organizations in Finland and is a member of the following international associations: EAA (European Acoustic Association), ICA (International Congress for Acoustics), I-INCE (International Institute of Noise Control Engineering) and NAS (Nordisk Akustika Sällskapet).

Every second year the The Acoustical Society of Finland arranges a two-day conference Akustiikkapäivät (Acoustics Days) in Finland and publishes the articles from this meeting.