BNAM 2004

June 8-10 2004
Mariehamn, Åland, Finland

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Monday 7.6.
16.00 Registration, Arkipelag
18.00 Get-together party, Arkipelag
Tuesday 8.6.
Kaptensalen Matrossalen
9.00 Welcome
9.20 Invited presentation,
Matti Karjalainen
Discrete-time modeling and synthesis of musical instruments
Presentation slides
10.00 Capturing guitar fingering by photo-reflector technigue
N. Aoki, S. Tanahashi, E. Kishimoto, S. Yasuda, and M. Iwakoshi
10.20 Model-based sound synthesis of the harpischord
V. Välimäki, H. Penttinen, M. Laurson, C. Erkut, and J. Knif
10.40 Coffee
11.00 Voice source register differences in female musical theatre singers
E. Björkner, J. Sundberg, T. Cleveland, and E. Stone
FEM Workshop
Introduction, L. Kärkkäinen
11.20 Intonation analysis of a multi-channel choir recording
H. Jers and S. Tenstörm
On the mutual radiation characteristics of two rigid discs in open or closed finite circular baffles
T. Mellow
11.40 Subjective evaluation of musical instrument timbre modification
M. Ilmoniemi, V. Välimäki, and M. Huotilainen
Fast multipole boundary element method for acoustic impedance boundary value problems
S. Järvenpää and P. Ylä-Oijala
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Musical articulation in the organ
J. Jerkert
Acoustic modeling using the ultra weak variational formulation
T. Huttunen, J. P. Kaipio, and P. Monk
Presentation slides
13.20 Spectral correlates of timbral semantics relating to the pipe organ
A. C. Disley, and D. M. Howard
A finite element solver for acoustic modeling
M. Malinen, A. Kärkkäinen, and L. Kärkkäinen
13.40 Bioacoustical modeling for sound synthesis: A case study of odontoceti clicks
C. Erkut
14.00 Acoustic modeling of NO gas evacuation from the maxillar sinuses
S. Granqvist, J. Sundberg, E. Wetzberg, and J. Lundberg
14.20 Coffee
14.40 Modeling of coloration of virtual sound sources in listening rooms
S. Hameed, and V. Pulkki
Presentation slides
The use of measurements and GPS for noise mapping
D. Manvell
15.00 Directivity of human and artificial speech
T. Halkosaari and M. Vaalgamaa
Oases of quietness in the Satakunta region – A pilot study of low-noise areas in Satakunta region
P. A. Karvinen and A. Savola
15.20 Multichannel reproduction of low frequencies
T. Hirvonen, M. Tikander, and V. Pulkki
Leaf blower noise
T. Pasanen, E. Rytkönen, and E. Sorainen
15.40 Surround recording using coincident and spaced microphones combined with 2-to-3 upmixing
B. Slotte
Presentation slides
Noise exposure of broadcast production personnel
E. Airo, P. Olkinuora, E. Toppila, A. Järvinen, and A. Savolainen
16.00 Break
16.20 Virtual space 4D project: The room acoustical tool
D. Oliva, J. Keränen, P. Larm, and V. Hongisto
”Real-world” attenuation of muff-type hearing protectors: The effect of spectacles
F. Lemstad and R. Kluge
16.40 Prediction of speech transmission index in open-plan offices
V. Hongisto, J. Keränen, and P. Larm
17.00 Acoustics in open-plan offices – a laboratory study
P. Larm, J. Keränen, R. Helenius, J. Hakala, and V. Hongisto
17.20 New findings about sound insulation and suspended ceilings
N.-Å. Andersson
17.40 Invited presentation,
Tammo Houtgaast
Speech intelligibility in noise: About STI, MTF and noise suppression
19.00-20.00 Reception, Stadshuset
Wednesday 9.6.
Kaptensalen Matrossalen
9.00 Invited presention,
Peter Svensson
Modeling room acoustics
Presentation slides
9.40 Lateral efficiency in small auditoriums
H. Möller and T. Peltonen
10.00 Acoustics in halls for rock music
N. W. Larsen, E. Olmos, and A. C. Gade
10.20 Coffee
10.40 Predicting the acoustics of ancient open-air theatres: The importance of calculation methods and geometrical details
M. Lisa, C. L. Christensen, and J. H. Rindel
11.00 Turun Konserttitalo (Turku Concert hall), acoustical renovations and computer studies
A. Ruusuvuori, H. Möller, and T. Lahti
11.20 Savonlinna opera awning and concert hall
H. Helimäki
11.40 New small halls in Finland
H. Möller, T. Lahti, and A. Ruusuvuori
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Coloration in room impulse responses
P. Rubak
13.20 Modelling the directional characteristics of sound reflections
J. H. Rindel
Presentation slides
13.40 Panel discussion,
modeling concert halls
14.40-17.20 Trip to Pommern and Ålands Sjöfartsmuseum
18.00- Banquet, Arkipelag
Thursday 10.6.
Kaptensalen Matrossalen
9.00 Verification of tapping machines
H. Andersson
Workshop on ODEON
Jens Rindel, organizer
9.20 Standard deviations in field measurements of impact sound insulation
M. Kylliäinen
9.40 Handbook 47 – A practical tool for estimation of facade insulation?
B. Heggøy
10.00 Considerations of room acoustics for traffic noise evaluation
S. Olafsen and L. B. Hov
10.20 Coffee
10.40 Handbook 47 – Control measurements of calculated facade sound insulations
E. Falch
Presentation slides
11.00 An improved empirical model for indoor traffic noise prediction
S. Olafsen and L. B. Hov
11.20 Denoising and analysis of audio recordings made during strong geomagnetic storm in april 6/7 2000 by using non-professional ad hoc set up
U. K. Laine and J. Hautsalo
11.40 A sound in a box with different complex impedances on its walls
A. Kärkkäinen and L. Kärkkäinen
12.00 Lunch
13.00 New data to the Nordic prediction model for train noise
T. Jerson
13.20 Corrective measures for aircraft noise models, new algorithms for lateral attenuation
I. L. N. Granøien and R. T. Randeberg
13.40 Concurrent sound and ventilation quality study in a moving machinery cabin
M. Antila and V.-J. Ollikainen
14.00 Selection of active noise control strategy: Two test cases
J. Kataja and M. Antila
14.20 The principle of the active JMC scatterer
S. Uosukainen
14.40 Coffee
15.00 Fab Academill; new facilities for the Österbottens Högskola
M. Laitinen and H. Möller
15.20 Simple application of STI-method in predicting speech transmission in classrooms
J. Keränen, P. Larm, and V. Hongisto
15.40 Invited presentation,
Jean Jacques
Noise and standardization, focussing on machinery and workplace domains
Presentation slides
16.20 Closing